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1. Ass Hole, as in The Butt Hole
2. Vagina-- by default, when the A-hole happens to be the rectum.
Jesus, I was so horny that I fucked her in both the A hole and the bee hole.
by Lorenzo Latrino September 02, 2010

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In an airport, this is the huge throng of unnecesssary people (kids, grandmothers, people in wheelchairs, babies in strollers, etc.) who crowd around the baggage carousel in front of people who are actually trying to retrieve their own bags.
Grandma, is that our bag?
I dunno. This man is in my way, and I can't see, what color is it?
Umm, I think it's black.
No, thats not our bag. That's the porter, dear!

Me: Great, just what I need after a six hour flight with these retards, a fucking carousel congregation!!
by Lorenzo Latrino October 01, 2010

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When a transvestite goes out in public wearing stretch leotards , and forgets to "tuck his junk". The one eyed trouser snake is plainly visible underneath the thin sheer fabric.
I was gonna fuck this sweetie I met in the Village last night. I was not at all put off by her predominant adams apple, but the size of her dragicorn defalted my willie!
by Lorenzo Latrino September 03, 2010

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Getting back "into the swing of things". The opposite of decompression, i.e. mellowing out.
Man, after decompressing for two smoke filled weeks in Amsterdam coffee houses, I went back to fucking work this morning. As soon as I punched the fucking clock the recompression set in. Shoulda done a wake and bake !
by Lorenzo Latrino September 19, 2010

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