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1. the storyline to a thing
2. Titties
Ex1: Morrowind has an amazing plot.
Ex2: I watch anime for the "plot".
by Lord_ Cocken_of_Dongshire September 16, 2019

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Paul: “hey have you seen Joe?”
Bill: “no, who’s Joe?”
Paul: “Joe Mama”
*Big ass fucking explosion
by Lord_ Cocken_of_Dongshire December 17, 2019

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Cunderthunt- a clever yet fairly obvious way of calling someone a Thundercunt
Josh: lmao this boss is being a cunderthunt
Nathan: lmao
Jack: You're a cunderthunt
Ashleigh: just say Thundercunt you weak little bitch
by Lord_ Cocken_of_Dongshire June 02, 2019

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Another name for Cum or Semen
Kevin: Dude why the fuck is my bong filled with brogurt
Dylan: I was so fuckin high I thought it was my fleshlight
by Lord_ Cocken_of_Dongshire October 14, 2019

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