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A sort-of religious holiday for the non-religious. Chaka Khan takes place around the first full moon in October, and last 2 weeks (the week prior to the moon being full and the week afterward). It is acceptable to celebrate Chaka Khan longer, if you choose.
Chaka Khan is meant for people to have as much fun and enjoyment as possible over the 2 weeks as they can. This could mean taking time off work, as good times can be exhausting and work can be a buzz kill. Possibly starting each day with a cocktail, dancing each night, and wearing feather boas or cocktail gowns on a Monday. It is the practice to treat each day of these 2 weeks of Chaka Khan as a celebration, and remove all stress, boredom, upset and work from your life.

Religion holiday hannukhah celebration religious christmas party made up
employee : "I need to take the next 2 weeks off for Religious reasons."
boss: "What holiday is it? Hannukhah?"
employee "No. It's Chaka Khan."

woman: "I thought we were gong to Home Depot for that thing you were going to install this weekend?"
man: "Forget it, doll. It's Chaka Khan. I'm doing mushrooms and tripping around town."
by Lola Ramona September 18, 2013

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A male who dresses like a pirate and oozes sex appeal.
Generally has wild, messy hair, black eyeliner, and clothes similar to those a pirate would wear (black pants, black vest, ragged button up shirt in either black or white, black boots)
Russell Brand, the English comedian is a prime example of a Sexpirate, especially as he has a sex addiction; Johnny Depp (in Pirates of the Caribbean)
by Lola Ramona October 27, 2008

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