3 definitions by Lola Jean

A woman over the age of 40 who is hot or fine to death, also successful and most described as a good person, but has not married or had children because she has currently chosen not to.
Most modern women are spinsterettes these days.
by Lola Jean June 30, 2019
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A non-pragmatic person who promotes ideals like if we all hold hands and sing kumbaya while exerting positive energy vibrations we can make all the bad things in the world go away. They can usually be found attending Burning Man{ or at a yoga retreat in Malibu where all the vortexes are.
No, I don’t want to join your love tribe you damn blissninny!
by Lola Jean June 30, 2019
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A person who overuses metaphors and “big ole words” to appear intelligent to Rotten Tomatoes readers.
by Lola Jean August 16, 2020
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