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A group of hillbilly guys stuck in the 80s that claim to be the best rappers in the world! No other rappers are as good as them.
Look at those rednecks, they look like Best Rappers!

OMG, I saw a guy wearing a mullet today, but it had nothing on Best Rappers!
by Little Pee August 16, 2012

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A very tense, stiff, and sore neck pain caused by Jessica St. Clair turning heads wherever she goes because she's so damn beautiful.
Guy: *rubs his neck, turning head from side to side*
Other Guy: "Dude, what's wrong with your neck?"

Guy: I've got a st. clair
Other Guy: "Ouch! Yea I had one of those last week when I saw her at the gym."
by Little Pee November 15, 2017

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