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"I don't fuckling know." An abbreviation. To more quickly illustrate that one does not only NOT know, but does not even FUCKING know something.
Chump 1: "Hey, is our anniversary today? " Chump 2:"I.D.F.K."
by Little Miss I'gnant December 16, 2020
If. You. Know. What. I. Mean.
Hey, I said we can't talk about that, IYKWIM
by Little Miss I'gnant January 3, 2021
When I didn't know what I was saying yes to when I said "yes," I didn't know what I had done; M.L.I.F!
by Little Miss I'gnant December 31, 2021
An abbreviation of the phrase " You are dead to me" similar to how STFU is an abbreviation for "Shut the fuck up"
You didn't save me a piece of cheesecake from my OWN birthday party and ate it all? YADTM!
by Little Miss I'gnant November 16, 2020
A person that steals your boyfriend, your job, your home, the father of your children, but still manages to steal hearts. You can not spell "Trash" without "Tash" and when the above listed is gone, well, it has thus been Tash'd.
Girl that should have known it was inevitable but gave the benefit if the doubt, without any logical support: "I just found out my bed got "Tash'd," I guess that means that girl was caught sleeping next to my ex boyfriend, but still, in MY own Bed!"

Imaginary Supportive Friend "Well, just toss them both into the Tash'd receptacle, and THEN you can start living your best life, whatever that new craze is.

Girl "Thank you!"
by Little Miss I'gnant March 5, 2021