4 definitions by Little Drummer Boy Fred

Annoyed. Perturbed. Not as intense as Pissed. Usually directed towards a person
A: "Fine I was just trying to be nice I won't bother you again"
B: "What is that all about"
A: "Nothing"
B: " "I wont bother you again" you sound like you are niffed at me"
A: (Insert explanation)
by Little Drummer Boy Fred June 29, 2015
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1. "super size me" but for just about anything.
2. To go all the way, go big, buy in bulk.
3. The final evolution of sice
Roommate: Bro, we're out of toilet paper. How many rolls should I get?
Me: bro, go full costco. I don't want to have to buy any more TP for the rest of the year.
person 1: should I get 6 mcnuggets, or 10?

person 2: go full costco dude, it's such a great deal
person 1: I can eat 50 nuggets
*walks into donut shop*
Me: I just want one donut
Me to Me: (go full costco)
Me: "Yeah um can I order um three dozen donuts, uh twelve of those glazed..."
Hotel Desk: "what room would you like sir"
Me: "Yo hook me up full costco"
Hotel Desk: *hands me keys to the presidential suite*
Romeo: girl i love you full costco
Juliet: *swoon*
Me: "Ima go full costco writing these example sentences
by Little Drummer Boy Fred January 27, 2017
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Male Karen.

AKA "Compliance Connor"

Feels morally superior compared to others because he's a good boy who follows the rules. Takes his virtue signaling hobby very seriously. Obsessed with wearing a mask.
Connor: "Follow the rules!"
Connor: "Hey - make sure your mask covers your nose all the way!"
Connor: "Man, I better not forget to wear my mask in the car by myself on my way to the grocery store!"x
by Little Drummer Boy Fred August 27, 2021
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An expression used when someone does the stupid.
Becky: oh my god i am so cold
Me: That's what you get for wearing a miniskirt in december... YA DINGUS!
by Little Drummer Boy Fred December 05, 2015
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