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I don't give a shit is a popular phrase to be used when you are not interested in what someone else says or believes. It implies that you don't even care enough to physically give them a sample of your fecal matter.
Gamer 1#: Dude your computer sucks, you shell out $2000 for a kicass rig, and still run it on a piece of shit CRT monitor.

Gamer 2#:Well that may be but honestly, I don't give a shit.
by Lime Lynx March 29, 2007

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Just like any other club, except that that there is a stage often featuring fixed metal poles. The main attraction are strippers - women who dance in erotic way using the abovementioned poles, with most of their clothes off for you visual pleasure while you sit back and drink beers with your mates. Often they will let you get close to them, most likely for you to give them a tip if you are enjoying the display.
Office Guy #1: Hey wanna go down to the strip club after work?

Office Guy #2: Sure, what the heck, I was just gonna go home and beat off for a few hours anyway.
by Lime Lynx March 29, 2007

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