925 definitions by Light Joker

in the midst of a series of successes
Man, I,m on a roll today. I'd be glad to help anyone who is not doing so well.
by Light Joker April 07, 2007
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1.The buttocks, the hindquarters, the posterior

2. the remaining end of a smoked cigarette

3. very, extremely
Don't make him mad or he will kick your butt.
by Light Joker August 19, 2004
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tense, anxious, nervous
Calm the hell down, don't be so uptight about it.
by Light Joker December 10, 2005
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to drive slowly past a motor vehicle accident to see the crash
If these people would stop rubbernecking, we could drive past them.
by Light Joker August 16, 2005
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and cloud 9

a state of total euphoria (See also on cloud nine.)
After winning the lottery, he was on cloud nine.
by Light Joker May 22, 2005
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yes, all right, affirmative
Okey dokey Im ready to go home.
by Light Joker August 24, 2007
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government procedures, forms, etc
I'm sick of all this red tape.
by Light Joker April 16, 2007
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