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An ethnic group that originated from the island of Ireland. Historically, they were proficient tradesmen, artisans, and founders of the Gaelic language. They were some of the fiercest fighters in Europe, and were grouped in familial tribes under a democratically elected King or Queen. The Romans refused to fight them, but the English decided they were up to the task. After a small time period of only 400 years, they finally conquered Ireland. By the mid-late 1800's it became safe enough for an Englishman to travel to all parts of Ireland. Since they now had complete and total control, the English decided to, as usual, abuse their subjects. The Irish were treated as second-class citizens, sold as slaves overseas, and made to pay harsh taxes. In the early 1900's the Irish fought back, and the southern portion of Ireland regained freedom. The northern part did not. To this day there is hope that Ireland will once again be reunited as a whole country once again. With the advent of Brexit, these dreams will likely be realized within the next 30 years.

The children of Ireland can be found across the globe, and can be recognized from their high cheekbones, mid-depth eye-sockets, downward slanted eye-sockets, pointed eyebrows, pale white skin, thin lips, broad shoulders, strong chins, and mostly clan based surnames. ie Kelly, O'Donnell, ect.
"They're the Irish."
by Liberal Lady Ann November 8, 2016
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A flock of walking toilet paper rolls. The tip is even folded nicely, for a classy touch.
Guy 1: The Ku Klux Klan is coming to town.
Guy 2: Grab a baseball bat, nab a couple and we'll make Grammy comfortable throughout the rest of the year without having to buy triple-ply.
Guy 1: I'll go get the kids. They'll love this!
by Liberal Lady Ann November 8, 2016
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CNN Reporter: Our presidential candidates: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump!
Everyone else: Look! The Spawn of Satan!
by Liberal Lady Ann November 7, 2016
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A user-submitted definition for a word, posted on the site www.urbandictionary.com. The word can be real, and it's definition true. It can also be entirely made up from the word to it's definition. Or, the definition for a real word or person could be falsified. The only regulation on content is approval or disapproval if users, whom vote on which definitions to allow onto the site.

Common content found on the site include "definitions" that serve only to glorify certain people, or defame others. Also, an infamous use of the website is to make up sexual vocabulary ie: Truffle Butter or attach graphically sexual definitions to actual words ie: Queen Victoria.
Guy 1: Did you hear Miles got his Urban Dictionary Definition included on the site?
Guy 2: I've shit things more interesting than that fact.
Guy 1: It's about you thought. It says you're a - - -

Guy 2: Who gives a damn? No one knows.

Guy 1: - - - sexy son of a bitch,
*Awkward Stares*
Guy 2: He's gay?
Guy 1: Yup.
by Liberal Lady Ann November 6, 2016
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A very pretty, kind person who won't let anything get them down. Empathetic, diligent, and a chronic procrastinator. You are loved.
by Liberal Lady Ann November 8, 2016
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