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An Emunk is a combination of both the fashion and music style Punk and Emo. They wear skinny jeans, zip-up hoodies with many bands ranging back to old school Punk to Hawthorne Heights. Boys often have long spikes dyed neon colours (red, green, blue) and girls often have spikes at the back and long bangs at the front also dyed neon colours (red, green, blue and pink). They dress in what could be declared as random clothes, wearing pink skinny ties and jeans with bright zip-up hoodies with cartoon's on them.

Hair: Medium length, spikey at back, long bangs, dyed pink
Clothes: Black skinny jeans, bright blue zip-up hoody, black shirt, pink tie, pink shoes, pink studded belt
Attitude: Wear what they want, how they want when they want!
by Lia (UK) November 18, 2007
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