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The reason someone you are sleeping with doesn't want to make a real commitment.
They say it is because they don't want to let you down or hurt you;
but it's because they don't have the maturity to step up and
to be accountable to someone else. Usualy it is because they are self-absorbed and don't have their own shit together, so they use your feelings as an excuse.
Joe:" Hey, would you like to go out, or do you have a boyfriend?"
Missy:"I am seeing someone-kinda."
Joe: "It sounds like the dude can't handle responsibility."
by Lexie girl September 06, 2008

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A relationship between an ex-boyfriend and an ex-girlfriend, or people who are into each other without formally dating, where sex is involved, and the woman wants to be a couple again; until the woman realizes that the man is never going to step up and make a commitment-he just wants the romping without the responsibility. Men can usually separate the physical from the emotional; women usually have a harder time of it.
Sarah: "Hey, how's it going with Dan?"
Meg:" I thought that we were together again, until he freaked and pulled the friends with benefits only."
Sarah:"That sucks."
by Lexie girl September 06, 2008

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