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The opposite of high key. Basically just not very showy. If someone thinks you are low key kinda hot, it means that they find you quite attractive but you are very subtle about being attractive. You almost don't know it.
"Damn, Henry is Low key kinda hot," said lila
by Lenry supporter June 16, 2020

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The best thing ever to exist on planet earth
"Yo, diggles damadilio is the best thing ever to exist on planet earth," said Lila "I 100% agree with that statement," said max
by Lenry supporter June 16, 2020

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a phrase that is usually overused by idiots
"well... FUN STUFF" said Lila Graves. "Bruh can you stop saying that you are such an imbecile" said Maxwell Harries Clarke
by Lenry supporter June 24, 2020

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If your name is Lila Graves you are probably hated by most kids in your town. It may be because you are better than them at basketball but it actually is because your friend is cute like a mouse and sends weird vibes. No one wants that. Don't get me wrong though, Lila is decent at some things but usually bad at them. If you are named Lila Graves you enjoy tormenting Spunky and buying build a bears which you get too excited about. Your sister is obviously the parents' favorite cause you ARE ONLY HERE FOR ENTERTAINMENT.
Lila Graves, hmph never heard of her. I bet she's just one of those kids that is here for entertainment.
by Lenry supporter June 19, 2020

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Size does not matter. Max is big in spirit. That's all that matters. He is a great overall human being and enjoys long walks on the beach. Everyone who knows him loves him. He's athletic, he's taller than most first graders, and loves the smell of gasoline. Maxwell Harris Clarke is the kind of person you want to be around.
Maxwell Harris Clarke is super epic
by Lenry supporter June 18, 2020

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