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A dog who is not a registered breed. This dog defies class, race, and other limiting social constructs by mingling freely with those who feed him. He is humble, carefree, and living his best life.
People: My what a beautiful good boy. What kind of dog is he?

Dog Owner: He’s undogumented and you should be too.
by LeggingsAndBeets March 24, 2020
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A person who acts like a dick during a worldwide pandemic.
That Pandemdick ran his hand over a six ft. long bin of potatoes as he walked to the frozen food section.
by LeggingsAndBeets March 22, 2020
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Formerly known as social distancing. The act of connecting, caring, communicating, and socializing with others while keeping space between bodies and following the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for good health during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.
No, dude. I’m not gonna shake your hand, I’m practicing physical distancing. Please take a step back and give me a call later.

The term Physical Distancing was suggested by therapist and author Jennifer Hamady, in an article for Psychology Today on March 19, 2020. The World Health Organization then shifted to using the phrase physical distancing rather than social distancing.
by LeggingsAndBeets March 24, 2020
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All the feels during a pandemic, especially the mixed feels.
My pandemotions were all over the place after I ate a box or dry Cocoa Puffs and got the bright idea to put an age filter on a photo of favorite ex boyfriend who became so cute it made me cry for his precious life and his dog’s life, even though he doesn’t have a dog.
by LeggingsAndBeets April 14, 2020
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A dog you bought off Craigslist for forty bucks or less.
People: My dog is a proper Labradoodle from a breeder outside Cincinnati. What is your dog?

You: Craigslist Terrier. Got him straight off the list.
by LeggingsAndBeets March 24, 2020
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A style of dressing in which your face is covered with a mask and you are wearing gloves.
That mask. Those gloves. Dang. Get it, baby. You are pandemic-perfect.
by LeggingsAndBeets March 22, 2020
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A spontaneous, short rap (or a line of rap) people who are in quarantine throw down, usually while cooking.
My sister, who can’t cook, is now insisting that her raparona “Don’t frown, it be brown,” is a valid substitute for patience and low heat.
by LeggingsAndBeets March 24, 2020
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