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A country where around 40% of the world's idiots come from. Around 50% of those idiots come from Florida. The United States' political system is broken, but most Americans don't realize it, they are content with their two party system and are convinced that it's a democracy. It's not, as the electoral vote can be off by millions compared to the popular vote. The United States prefers putting money into the military rather than science, education, or healthcare. The United States largely believes that healthcare is an optional service, not a necessity. The United States also loves shitting on other countries with their large military. A good example of this is how The United States destabilized the middle east by invading Iraq. Americans were too dumb to realize that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and their government was lying to them under the Bush administration. On top of this, America left most of the following refugee crisis to be dealt with by smaller European countries. Many of the Americans that make The United States the way it is are workers who were failed by the country's terrible educational system, and believed it when a business man told them he's the best, that he represents their unspecified beliefs, and that he will stop nonexistent problems at their roots. This led to the 2016 election of a narcissist cheeto molester man over a moderate liberal woman who accidentally used her personal E-Mail for government purposes.
So Bill, what do you think of The United States of America?
Well, Charles, I think that The United States of America is attempting to compensate for the size of it's penis with military strength and ignorance of certain necessities.
by Leafy Greeens November 25, 2017

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