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LeGnome James is one of the best point guard´s in the world. He started to play in the nba in 2020 and won rookie of the year. Now LeGnome is one of the best in the NBA and even LeBron looks up to him. After one year this is what LeGnome has done:
-Rookie of the year
-Best shooter in the NBA (Curry is still inspirational tho)
-Best ballhandler in the NBA
-Best passer in the NBA
-Best defender of the year (for his position)
-Best dunker in the NBA (for his position)
Person 1: You have hear about LeGnome right?
Person 2: Yeah, he is my idol and he is so inspirational
Person 1: Yeah, i wanna be like LeGnome James
by LeGnome James November 11, 2020
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"So inspirational"-Flightreacts. Flight uses this word everytime he see´s Stephen Curry. When he is about to say it. He pauses the video and starts smiling, and then he says "look at Curry man, so inspirational"!(this is about basketball)
-Curry: Shooting a half court
-Flight stops the video, smiles, stares at the camera and says: Look at curry man So Inspirational"!
by LeGnome James November 24, 2020
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