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2 definitions by Lawrence H.

1. Informal title for the member of an organization specifically responsible for presenting information with a particular slant or point of view, and for recovering an organizations image after a public relations catastrophe.

2. Slang for a disc jokey, especially of vinyl records and mixing.
The House Speakers Spin Doctors really cleaned up the intern scandal with that dropped contact lense story!
by Lawrence H. June 4, 2005
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Fabulous BBC Sci-Fi Spoof that ran 8 seasons and one movie (more seasons may be on the way?) Following the antics of "Dave Lister," the slob/everyman last human in the universe... "Cat," A pathologically vain life-form descended from the ship's cat... "Arnold J Rimmer" An anal retentive hologram of Lister's dead Roomate... and "Kryten" the insecure android with a head the shape of a novelty condom
" So let me get this straight. You want to fly on a magic carpet to see the King of the Potato People and plead with him for your freedom, and you're telling me you're completely sane? "
- Rimmer, Quarantine
by Lawrence H. June 4, 2005
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