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Cash Baker is a Social Media sensation, mainly known for his Tik Toks. He has two siblings, Maverick Baker and Lani Baker. His parents names are not known to the public.

Cash has released songs with his brother Maverick, available on his YouTube channel cashandmaverick.

Cash has a fan base of mostly younger children(average age 9-16), who send him gifts on his live streams.

Cash has blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, which are gorgeous. Lots of people on Tik Tok say they want to date him, but he openly expresses the fact that he is single. So am I. Hit me up, Cash Baker.

Tik Tok - cash.baker
Snapchat - cash.baker
Instagram - cash.baker
Twitter - cashbakerr
Youtube - cashandmaverick
Elleonorrah - Hey, who's Cash Baker?
Charellotte - Oh my God, Elle! You don't know?
Elleonorrah - Uhm...No?
Charellotte - Only the most handsome beautiful thing God has ever created! Oh, I can't believe you don't know. He's super sweet to all his fans, and he's funny too. Just-just look him up. On Tik Tok.

After Elleonorrah looks Cash up on Tik Tok and is officially in love, she resumes speaking with Charellotte.

Elleonorrah - Chare! I can't believe this boy- Oh he's live! Come here!
by Lara Jean S. February 23, 2019

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Meilei is the most amazing girl you'll ever meet. She's absolutely stunning, and not the kind of girl who would be mean to a fly. She's into singing and dancing, and would happily include you in either. She loves nature and animals, and literally anything to exist. She's just so sweet!
Maddiysonne - Meilei, you look so pretty today!
Mei Lei - Maddiysonne, you look gorgeous every day! Oh, and I just adore your hair!
by Lara Jean S. February 23, 2019

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