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A purposeful underestimation to apply pressure on a task
To say "I think it will only take a day for you to make this website for me" is a "Dick Estimate" which would make that person a "Dick Estimator"
by LTD March 11, 2015
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The Very greatest game ever. Made by Bungie, the creators of such classics as Marathon, Myth and Oni.
I played Gnop for hours upon hours straight, and even after losing my hands, I swore it was worth it.
by LTD March 8, 2005
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When someone says that someone doesn't blink. It means they don't think twice or they won't hesitate about committing a certain action. It most commonly refers to murder but it could be used for other things as well like stealing or firing someone. Things most people may feel guilt or uncomfortable with but doesn't phase these people in that particular circumstance.

The term mostly likely came from how people squint at the sight of bright gunfire after while you get use to it and the there's no need to squint or blink.
by LTD January 30, 2019
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