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A quintessential Jewish American Princess: naggy, ultra-high maintenance, whiny, always wanting their way, extremely moody, spoiled rotten, and looking for a "nice," wealthy "Jewish boy" (as Jewish mothers like to call Jewish men in their 20s). They often take on much of the overbearing traits of their mothers, who nag and are over-critical of everything they do, destroying the girls self-esteem starting at a young age. When they do start dating guys, they often tend to be EXTREMELY emotionally needy as their lack of self esteem becomes obvious and they have to let their guard down.

These girls do experiment with goy (Hebrew for "non-Jewish") males, but only white ones and definitely not shvartzas (Yiddish derogatory word for blacks). They seem to have no preference for WASPs or Catholics - just who is going to be the most successful in case they do screw up and fall in love b/c he must at least be able to support her expensive tastes.

Why? B/c non-Jewish white guys tend to be much better looking than their Jewish male counterparts (caution: gross generalization, but the truth - just ask any JAP of their goy good-looking male dilemma) and since they always get what they want financially from their parents, they must get what they want in terms of men too. Plus, those Non-Jewish men aren't as big of push-overs as Jewish guys so they do represent a challenge since they won't put her with her crap - secretly, like all women but to a greater extent, the JAP loves to be treated poorly with intermittent good treatment b/c it shows that he does not need her.

Basically, the JAP is just the extreme example of all women's insecurities: emotionally needy, low self esteem and wants everything their way. JAP characteristics are carrying over to non-Jewish rich girls now too, mainly the daughters of the nouveau riche.
Barbara Streisand (she married that good-looking goy James Brolin); any girl from Great Neck Long Island, parts of Westchester County NY, Beverly Hills CA (quintessential non-Jewish japs live in Brentwood, Bel Air and the Palisades), and Deerfield/Northbrook IL; and Fran Drescher
by LA Goy July 10, 2004

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