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The Main character of the hit anime/manga Full Metal Alchemist. He travels with his Brother Alphones Elric to find the philosifers stone. He lost his Leg when trying to appempt Human Transmutation, one of the greatest sins in Alchemy. Later when he transmusted his brothers body into a peice of armor lost his arm. Doesnt like to be teased about his hieght.
The FullMetal Alchemist
by Kyle C. June 20, 2005

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Full Metal Alchemist is one of the best anime to come out in this generation with great charcaters one of the best plots ive ever seen and a great mix. of Humor, Action, Science fiction and loads of other stuff. Not saying that Inu-Yasha is bad but FMA is proboly going to be #1 for a while. This is what anime should be.
Human Kind cannot gain anything without giving something in return

To obtain something of equal value must be lost

This is Alchemys first law of Equvulant Exchange

In those days we really tought for that to be the worlds one and only truth
by Kyle C. June 20, 2005

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