2 definitions by Kuniprimal

Slang and shortened term for suppressor, which is a muzzle attachment for guns which serves as a sound reducer and flash hider
I keep the supp on my 45 nigga! That way they won’t hear shit when I pop a pussy nigga
by Kuniprimal April 27, 2019
2z means 2 with a zero I.e 20 dollars. 2zz is 2 hundred dollars. 2-trey z is 2 thousand dollars. 2-quad z is 20k etc. If you wanted to talk about other numbers like 3 or 4 the same rules apply. 3z is 30, 3zz is 3 hunnid, and 3-trey z is 3000 etc
“Your nigga got paid, I just rolled in 2z
by Kuniprimal December 5, 2018