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The national "finger someone/get fingered in a movie theater" day.

Celebrated all across Europe
Wearing a skirt without panties and going to the movies with your s/o recommended
Hey, it's June 22nd, yknow what that means sweetie. We goin to the movies
by Krscanski Chad June 21, 2021
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A school for kids who have stricken christian parents who force them to go there even tho they themselves dont beleve in the big G
Leon: haha I'm going to the krizma only for the money Bog Te Jebo. Ide gas.
Lea: you for sure go to Nadbiskupska Klasicna Gimnazija
by Krscanski Chad August 22, 2020
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Mioc- A place where the biggest dorks and the most annoying people go to get "schooling". These people also have shit jokes and a very dry sense of humor.
But some of the girls are real thicc
Lea:Haha big chungus funniii, imma post it on facebook
Nikola:You for sure go to mioc
by Krscanski Chad August 3, 2020
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