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( Females also known as Juggalettes . Although Juggalo is a unisex term . ) A person who listens to music under Psychopathic Records , At the least . Although its much more than just that . Its a lifestyle . Juggalos usually drink Faygo soda pop . Juggalo's are a family and remain loyal to their homies . They rep by wearing hatchet men / hatchet women . Juggalo's don't put up with bullshit . And will beat a haters ass . Common misconceptions of Juggalos are that we are unedjucated , poor , do drugs , are gang members , are violent , Juggalettes are thought to be whores - although they fucking arent faggots , and are also thought to only listen to Psy. music . None of those are fucking true dipshits . A juggalo is a Juggalo for life , and is proud as fuck that their a part of the Juggalo Family . No matter what anybody says . They are proud of every aspect of themselves , good or bad . They have there homies backs in times of need . The Juggalo " Call " is Whoop Whoop . Fuck yeah .
Juggalo : Fuck all you haters , WICKED CLOWN FOR LIFE !!!! WHOOP WHOOP ! MMFWCL !
by Kotton Kandy tha Killa Klown ! August 28, 2012

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