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a group of local teenagers whom do everything together. they have a leader in which they all bow down to and follow. they are more like a tribe then a group; they follow their leader loyally and protect each other from trouble. A typical weekend for them includes partying, doing as much as they can with girls, and being together none stop while doing everything their leader tells them to.
Casey: OMG! I cant wait to hang out with the creeps this weekend!
Bethany: But didnt you hear what they have done to girls. Its not very nice or appropriate. They will kill your reputation if you mess with them.
-later that night-
David(picking up casey from her house): ready to go have some fun sexy?
Casey: Of course, I'm down for anything.
David (looks back at friends whom are in car): looks like its gonna be a fun night boys...
by Koe the Hoe November 30, 2005

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