3 definitions by Knyaz Asparukh

Grecoman is a person from Bulgarian, Albanian, Romanian, Serbian, Italian, German or other origin which is presented that is the successor of the ancient Greeks.
See these people think they come from the Ancient Greeks, but they are just Grecomans.
by Knyaz Asparukh October 13, 2018
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„And they write again that they had extradited Bulgarians! But they were not Bulgarians, but Mangaloids! They never learned the journalists!”
by Knyaz Asparukh February 6, 2018
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Turcoman is a man of Semitic, Mongolian or Indo-European origin who believes there Turkic origin.
These Turcomans are so stupid that they are thought to be heirs of the Ottomans.
by Knyaz Asparukh October 13, 2018
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