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1) Extra dirty or filthy looking

2) Spunky, and stylishly new age, garbage chic-esque. Used to describe grunge fashion, something a harajuku girl would wear or something spunky.

3) Used to describe a funky or dancy techno song with organic instruments for beats. Usually electronically produced music that is 'crunchy' sounding as opposed to smooth sounding, but still moveable.
1) Oh my god, I need to clean so bad, this house is absolutely dirtyfilthy!

2) Her new threads are so dirtyfilthy, I wonder where she got them!?

3) So they played the new Moby remix at the club the other night and it was so dirtyfilthy it was hot, I can't wait to find the single.
by Kirk Tucker August 11, 2005

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how endowed a man is; what a man is "packing" so to speak
"did you see his trade?" "I slept with a guy last night that had some serious skills not to mention his trade..."
by Kirk Tucker August 11, 2005

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