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A band that seems promising when they have a song about playing video games, but it all goes to hell when one hears the singer due to his godawful whiny and nasally voice.

The song "Just Wanna Play Video Games" became a small internet meme and inspired various covers by various garage bands, singing in a similarly-irritating voice.
Guy 1: Yo, you wanna go to that Blackout concert?
Guy 2: Hell no, they suck! I'd rather hear the Jonas Brothers!
by King of Jellybeans July 14, 2009
A toy and video game company that was in business from 1970 to 1994. The company is best known for its poorly-made license-based video games such as Back to the Future (NES), Friday the 13th (NES), and Who Framed Roger Rabbit (NES). It was owned by MCA's Universal subsidary from 1986 until it was bought by Acclaim Entertainment in 1988.

James Rolfe, better known as the internet celebrity, the Angry Video Game Nerd, has reviewed various LJN games such as the ones listed above, plus five others.
I was going to buy Marvel's X-Men, being a fan of X-Men, but when I saw the rainbow sticker with the word LJN on it, I put it back immediately.
by King of Jellybeans May 20, 2009
When a group uses the internet (especially Twitter) to bypass other media censorship in a police state to attempt to overthrow said police state, as in what's going on in Iran right now.
Did you hear about that Twitter Revolt in Iran? Let's see how successful it is...
by King of Jellybeans February 8, 2010
A user on a blog, chatroom, or other website, e.g. YouTube who acts hostile and/or flames other users based on race, religion, ethnicity, accent, or other difference or general dislike of that person. On some websites, like YouTube, they flag videos and/or attempt to get accounts banned due to dislike. Some haters are fanboys who write hostile comments towards someone who disagrees with them.
A guy in Dublin puts up a video game review on YouTube and a hater writes:

Ur a fag. Yor accents is gay.
U rip off AVGN.
Go get drunk irish guy.
by King of Jellybeans November 11, 2007
A fanboy is an obsessed fan of a specific anime, video game, or some other media, often hostile to those who disagree. Anime fanboys or otaku might engage is cosplaying, writing fanfiction, or creating fanart. Other fanboys (or the female equivelant, fangirls) of other media might do similar things and also act hostile towards those who disagree.
I just got flamed by some Naruto fanboy simply because I said it was an overrated anime.
by King of Jellybeans November 11, 2007
A cliche in bad movies such as A Kid in King Arthur's Court in which a female character in the first act of the movie is strong and totally independent and can kick ass but in the last part of the movie becomes weak and helpless and needs a man to save her.

Phrase comes from the Nostalgia Critic review of A Kid in King Arthur's Court.
Hmmm... that princess who knew martial arts and swordfighting and could defeat a man twice her size now can't break out of the arm lock of a man her size. She must have the dumbass in distress disorder.
by King of Jellybeans December 31, 2010
An AVGN Nazi is a hater who specifically targets video game reviewers on YouTube. These specific haters believe that anyone who reviews games who is not the Angry Video Game Nerd is a ripoff of said reviewer. These haters flame the reviewer with hostile and/or bigoted comments, flag videos with the purpose of getting them removed, or attempt to get accounts banned.
(insert username here), don't let those AVGN Nazis get to you. If you quit YouTube, they win.
by King of Jellybeans November 11, 2007