3 definitions by King Xavier

The overuse of the word "fuck" to such an extent that the word fuck loses its formidable power.
Kulwindar: Jesus fucking Christ, I can't fucking believe that those fucking fuckers in the fucking Congress have fucked this up yet again. Fuck!

Sunjat: Whoa, hold on now. I get your point, but you're causing F bomb inflation. Don't devalue my fucks.
by King Xavier December 03, 2013
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Traffic congestion caused by 2 or more Taiwan public buses blocking a multi-lane road. This is usually caused by one or more buses using the inside lane unnecessarily, even though there are frequent bus stops. Reasons bus drivers choose to use the inside lane vary and include, but are not limited to:

- trying to leap frog the bus in front of them
- attempting to pass a slow driver
- desire to be closer to the "front of the line" while stopped at a red light
- incompetence
- being born with a small penis
I could drive to work so much faster if it wasn't for all those Taiwan bus clusterfucks on Bei Xin Road
by King Xavier March 23, 2012
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Noun. A person who frequently comments on internet material and whose comments are characterized by their negativity and poor use of the English language and its basic conventions.
John Oliver was wise to encourage shitizens to petition the White House to carefully consider legislation related to net neutrality.
by King Xavier September 02, 2014
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