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a bum's dick
pulling a blake is when you reject societys overly romanticizd stereotype of a basic supposedly sexy and sophisticared egocentric name and their highest of hopes and come to the conclusion that the clown show of life all amounts to nothing more than a bum's dick

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And lets not forget in addition to being a Knight and the biggest meme of all time, 007 had the largest body of work in Hollywood - He was Mr. Universe and put Rolex on the map. Fucker infiltrated American culture like nobody's business - and went on to a career as an Oscar winning character actor - anybody who can boldly slap a bitch in the face and their career taking off even bigger as a result is a success on that alone in my book. He outlived and outranked everyone he ever came across- even Marlon Brando - even Arnold - Sean Connery was simply the greatest of all time and nothing less. He will be forever slapping and owning everybody's ass forever for all time while laughing about it because it is just to much dam fun and if your not down with that he will just pull out a gun and put a hole in your stomach and watch you bleed out. Then he will pull out a shitty plastic weed pipe marketed by China in his likeness and smoke your ass after picking you up and breaking you over his knee then suplexing your your ass off a bridge and then getting in a submarine car while wearing his Rolex Submariner to maliciously shoot lasers at your rotting corpse - then he will find new ways to fuck with you some more.
Sir Connery just hoaxed your c@ndy ass

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