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When two people a girl/guy are supposedly in love... but the gurl cheats on the guy like crazy and fakely loves the guy who will spill his heart for that girl and is a lonely stupid fuck who needs attention....he would even cut off his own finger to get the girls attention but in drama and art class where the guy isnt around the girl 3 guys will feel up the girl secretly and never tell the guy who loves her because the girl is just a try hard/push over and a complete wemo that completely has a different boy friend every week or two possibly even month... when the boy finds out about the girl he fake kills himself because is actually afraid of dieing like all other emo kids...the girl will usually get mad at the guy and shave off her eyebrows in the anual holiday of emo succubus voddoism wich is when they take the hair of their eyebrows and make a voodoo doll shaped like a victim to make emo and devour theyre heart like all other emo girls....
grow a pair of eyes you emo FUCK
me and my friends gangbanged your girl friend last night and she fucking shaved her eyebrows off and colored them blue.....
you two have a Razorblade Romance....
by King Heartless December 08, 2007

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