4 definitions by Kim Jong Grill

hey man im scared of chewbaca" "why? hes just a retard cover in hair!" "yeah i know thats what im scared about.... they gave him a gun" "oohh sshit!!!!"
by Kim Jong Grill August 31, 2010
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A city where all badasses live doing badass things like kicking ass, beating non-badass people, or just relaxing badass style. Badassians are born badass. Badass city is located in the south region of Mars (Becauses Mars is badass. ew badassians have come to earth, some badassians are Jack Black, MR.T, Wee Man, Bruce Willis, Chuck Noris, Bruce lee, Jesus,Black Jesus, and macho Man Randy savage.

Cilvillian: OH Shit!!! your too Badass!!!!
by Kim Jong Grill December 14, 2009
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'''Verdukianism''' ( Ver-Do-Key-an-ism ) is a religion where people belive in the healing power of root beer, and a man can have up to nine wives if two of them are male.some holidays include Merlin-Pean which is a celebration where Verdukians leave work and go to the movies, and The Day of Mouth Pleasures, where Verdukians recieve free sausage pizza and gentle flossing done by a blonde virgin.practices include putting out a picture of Jimmy Conners and a bowl of meat cubes on an altar, singing Verdukian songs, drinking root beer, geting maried and eating pizza.
"Hey do you practice Verdukianism"
"Yes I do"

"Than you must know that today is merlin pean and tomorrow is The Day if Mouth pleasures."
"ohh Yeah i almost forgot to hire a Blonde virgin."
"amd don't forget the picture of Jimmy conners or else Meriln Pean will punish you by taking away your blonde virgin!"
"ok see ya"
by Kim Jong Grill January 22, 2015
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The word you use when you want to be Jewish but you don't know any jewish words so you say "oyga boyga"

also can used as a word to describe a person who is trying to be a jew or a strange jew.
"wow that guy is Oyga Boyga" or "Oyga Boyga I hate french class.
by Kim Jong Grill December 14, 2009
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