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The new name given to Necron 99, Blackwolf's former robot assassin.
"No pain. Peace wants love. Will help."
by Killing Kittens June 11, 2004
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1. A symbol of importance to the science of witchcraft and the religion of paganism.

2. A fashion statement of teenagers who want attention.
Those who know the true power of the pentacle don't wear it casually.
by Killing Kittens May 20, 2004
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One who spends his life pondering questions that no one has asked, which have no answers, for use in debates of no meaning.
Refutation of the Nonexistence of Impossibility has successfully refuted empiricism, nihilism, subjectivism, constructivism, pantheism, intrinsicism, solipsism, objectivism, nominalism, conventionalism, materialism, accidentalism, irrationalism, emotionalism, representationalism, phenomenalism, agnosticism, intuitionism, theism, skepticism, esotericism, probabilism, rationalism, foundationalism, coherentism, atheism, relativism, mysticism, altruism, idealism, fatalism, hedonism, humanism, inhumanism, pragmatism, sensualism, utilitarianism, egoism, anarchism, animism, determinism, behaviorism, capitalism, transcendentalism, dualism, collectivism, cannibalism, axhilism, libertarianism, dogmatism, egalitarianism, immoralism, individualism, existentialism, interpretevism, logicism, meliorism, multiculturalism, reductionism, secularism, socialism, stoicism, and aestheticism.

You can negate all existence and meaning through philosophy. Of course, you can argue that philosophical reasoning is limited and refutes itself, but that is also a philosophical argument.
by Killing Kittens November 17, 2004
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"Philosophy- A route of many roads leading from nowhere to nothing." --Ambrose Bierce
It was late one night when I was on a road trip with my two friends, Brian and Laura, when we decided to pull over to the side of the road and retire.

"Looks like you'll be sleeping in the car while Laura and I have the tent," Brian said.

"Here's the blanket," he continued, "You'll be fine with this, won't you?"

"Yeah," I said.

"Are you sure?"

"How is one sure of anything?"

"Or that there is any thing to be sure of," he added.

We both nodded, contemplating the profundity.
by Killing Kittens October 06, 2004
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To pay homage without acknowledging the source.
All writers are in some way or another plagiarists. Some are just better at it than others.
by Killing Kittens June 09, 2004
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The most pretentious and bombastic of Black Metal bands, and, for that reason, the most enjoyable.
Take three impressive-sounding words that have nothing to do with each other and put them together. Then you have the title of the next Dimmu Borgir album!
by Killing Kittens June 23, 2004
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The greatest, most diverse and successful class of land vertibrates ever, believed to have originated sometime in the Triassic about 240 million years ago, and disappearing around 65 million years ago. Gods among animals, and awesome testaments to the power of creation (or evolution, if your must insist that these words be mutually exclusive) they were physiologically superior to mammals and gave rise to birds.

Often our society shows a disinterest with the phenomena of the dinosauria, approaching paleontology with a "they're dead, who cares" attitude. They are also ridiculed for having "died out" when they in fact persisted a period of something like 160 million years--more than 40 times longer than the time elapsed since the earliest human anscestors appeared. Even the word "dinosaur" has a deprecative connotation, implying something that is outdated or obsolete.

Stop for a moment to consider that these animals did, in fact exist, and are not the chimeras of children. This writer would maintain, however, that anyone holding the view that an interest in dinosaurs is nerdy and childish deserves to have his or head bitten off by a Charcharodontosaurus.
Lots of kids my age got hooked on dinosaurs for a while--it was a childhood disease, like mumps or chicken pox, and if left alone, most kids recovered and then had a lifetime immunity to dinosaurmania. But I was that rare exception, a terminal, chronic case.-- Robert T. Bakker, "The Dinosaur Heresies"
by Killing Kittens May 18, 2004
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