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A method of castrating men without using sharp objects.
From David DeAngelo's article:

She looked at him with compassion in her eyes
and said "Thank you... I really mean that... but
I don't want to mess up our friendship... you're
too important to me...".
by Killing Kittens March 31, 2005
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1. The ultimate Mary Sue fantasy race.

They are longer lived, more noble, more advanced, more refined, more graceful, more beautiful, and otherwise superior to humans in every way. They are particularly beloved by fanboys who perfer their girls to take after those in hentai--slim, slight, pubescent female builds with no public hair and unrealistically perfect skin and composure.

2. A Mary Sue Tolkien race.
My elf figher/mage/thief who dual-weilds +10 scimitars of speed is named "Caraistlehoff" and scores with hot elven women every night!
by Killing Kittens July 17, 2006
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A person with penises for eyes. Very inconvenient, as you can imagine, but perhaps they could be of use in the porn industry.
My friend Kevin once said to me, in a fit of drunken stupidity, "Dude, I wish my eyes were penises!"

Lo and behold, the fates decided to agree with his request and grant it in the most hideous manner possible, for when he awoke the next day, instead of gazing at the ceiling above him, an inflamed phallus emerged from each eyelid.

He soon found himself standing on street corners, destitude and holding up a cardboard sign that read "Please be my friend" while civilians passed by and laughed, for he couldn't hide his erections, and when limp, his new penis-eyes looked hideous as ever. Kevin sat down and began to weep, though it was naught but urine trickling down his cheeks.

Truly, a lesson is to be learned from all this: Be careful what you wish for!
by Killing Kittens October 20, 2004
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A reply preferable to being ignored.
A simple "Fuck Off" would have been wonderful, but not replying to me was more cruel than anything she could have possibly said.
by Killing Kittens September 10, 2004
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A man that a woman tolerates, but is not attracted to.
No guy ever wants to be a gay friend, unless he actually is gay.
by Killing Kittens March 31, 2005
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The position you inevitably support when you realize that, no matter how strongly you are against abortion, it is a necessary evil.
Nothing more needs to be said.
by Killing Kittens June 02, 2004
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An idealistic position acknowledging that from a scientific point of view, human life begins at conception and thus human rights should extend to the unborn. Because this also assumes personal responsibility, it is widely despised.

See also, pro-choice.
If you are pro-life you would not find it advantageous to kill abortion doctors or support capital punishment.
by Killing Kittens October 09, 2004
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