2 definitions by Kiesten McCauley

(n) one who is so drunk as to have lost most of their I.Q., if they had any to begin with. Drunkwits become not only stupider than a box full of sand, but also very annoying, generally ruining the fun times of those around them.

origin: fuckwit + drunk = drunkwit
"I would have had an awesome time at the Festival if it weren't for all the drunkwits."
by Kiesten McCauley February 6, 2008
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(n) quite simply put it's an application on Facebook which is utter crap. Crapplications tend to force you to spam your friends in order to use their piss weak functions.

origin: crap + application = crapplication
If I get one more invite to a crapplication from Jill I'll lose my shit!
by Kiesten McCauley February 9, 2008
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