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The recent fad that has swept the world over.Although this site is a very good site for networking and a way for friends to keep in contact with each other it also has many downsides to it
A large majority of the users encourage being an emo fag, a goth whore, a gangstuh thug, or a stupid scene kid. Usual users of "myspace whores" post the most retarded bulletins about doing something ridiculous and reposting on the penalty of having bad luck for the rest of your life, or getting killed at a certain time period in a few days, and other such nonsense. Although this website / networking ploy had many "good" users the majority of the users are emo bitches who like it up the ass, and or scene kids who take picures in their bathrooms, pictures from a "birds eye view" looking up, and photoshopped pictures so they have no acne. Many of these people are known as "myspace whores," usually the myspace whores add random people to their friends list to boost their self esteem and show that they have more "friends" online then in real life

myspace whore: "lets talk on myspace tonight!"
myspace whore#2: "totally we can comment back and forth even tho we live right next door to each other, and our windows are 5 feet apart and i could just call you or come over, but i would rather just comment you or start a message conversation with you"
myspace whore: "thats so true, and we can add random people so we have a larger friends list of people who we dont know and say that we are hot, so our self esteem is raised!"
myspace whore #2: "totally!"
by KiMCHi CrAkA November 2, 2006
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Originating from the word "elite," it has become more formerly known as "leet" = "1337". Used by many of those preteen chronic masturbators who sit infront of their compputer thinking they are cool because they have maphack, or some other type of mod or "hack". 1338 consists of numbers or symbols that take the place of letters such as
A=4, B = 13, C=can be "C" or the beginiing parenthases = "(", D = 1), E=3, F=|=, G=9, etc.
Kevin: "We won!!"
Chris: "w00t w3123 1337"!!!
by KiMCHi CrAkA October 22, 2006
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The stupidest most retarded substitution of a phrase that a human being has ever come up with.
Substitute of the phrase(s)" What the hell, what the crap? what the f*ck?, what the heck?
used by one of the most res
Chi: " donttouchmeee!!!
Kevin: " What the crazy?!?"
by KiMCHi CrAkA October 22, 2006
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