1 definition by Kesliegh Adams

Krista... Krista's are amazing best friends, they are always a little nervous of what people think. Krista is a very kind person... If she cares about you, you are in luck because if you treat her good she will always care about you. Having a Krista in your life is absolutely fasinating. She is always ready to have fun, but is very neat and is always ready to clean something up... If you are ever lucky enough to meet a Krista keep her as long as you can... She is an amazing bff and I am sure she is a beautiful person to share your life with... Krista's are honest if they love you... They will tell you a lie only if she thinks it will protect you that much... I am extremely happy that I have a Krista in my life.
Krista you are the most beautiful and amazing women ever... I am blessed to have you in my life...
by Kesliegh Adams August 21, 2018
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