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Mantra of the Attention Deficit Disordered. Literally: stop talking and start over. Needs a good full 1 second pause between words. "wait (one thousand one) what?" and it's vital that eye contact is not made.
" so were both going to have to go in both cars so we can leave one for Will at his work so he won't have to get a ride home."
... ... "wait...what?"
by Kenneth A. Vaughan October 14, 2008

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a sequence of events wherein each event sets a new, higher standard that will act as a precedent for all subsequent events.
-As far as I know, this phrase has never been coined or defined before.
Bob tells funny stories and does spontaneous imitations at work. each one is a little funnier than the one before. his co-worker's expectations track with his performance so that now he has to maintain the gradient of improvement every time he opens his mouth or, - and this is the key- they will respond as if it was less funny than it really is. He has trapped himself in a system of ascending precedents.
by Kenneth A. Vaughan October 14, 2008

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