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Woman's shampoo, except some guy nuts in it for a variety of reasons. Some reasons that may drive a man to add their cum to a shampoo bottle are including, but not limited to: Revenge, extreme sexual confusion, being high as fuck, or just for the sheer pleasure of knowing that your girlfriend's abstinence pact is pointless.
John: "I've been adding some herbal essences to my cousin's shampoo because I suspect she is cheating on me, but now she is pregnant, any chance I could be the father?"
James: "What the fuck is wrong with you?"
John: "So I could be the father?"
James: "Yes, you probably are, but you deserve everything that is coming to you."
John: "I'll just say I'm going to get some milk, that's what my dad said"
by Kelpy Gً October 23, 2019

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The grade when everyone learns the f-word.
John: "Do you want to hear the WORST word in the world?"
James: "It's crap"
John: "No, the f-word."
James: "You mean *whispers* frick?"
John: "No... I mean... fuck"
James: *eyes widen at the thought of all the colorful sentences he could create"
John: "Shh, Mrs. Sundin will hear us, my dad says 2nd Graders shouldn't know it"
*Mrs. Sundin places a cold hand on each of their shoulders*
by Kelpy Gً October 23, 2019

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The thiccest lady in naruto. Trained by Hishina Sarutobi to become one of the three legendary suneen. She became the hokage of the leaf village at some point, but that doesn’t matter because she has huge tiddies.
John: “ Did you watch naruto last night?”
James: “yes, did you see how nice tsunade’s tits were”
John: “of course, I paused the tv and jacked off to them before resuming”
James: “...”
by Kelpy Gً October 22, 2019

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