1 definition by Keith "lego high five" homes

"Kujo" is all the white stuff that forms in the corners of your mouth. Commonly an odourless white substance appearing more often in warmer weather or after sporting activity. Kujo should be monitored closely at all times and, if identified, it should be removed immediately to prevent further build up. It can be removed in various ways including scratching, picking, licking, wiping etc. A kujometer will monitor kujo and will assist in early detection and removal.
Guy no. 1 -" Hey man you have a mad amount of Kujo"

Guy no. 2 - "Oh shit, thanks for lettin me know homes"

Guy no. 1 - " No worries fella, but remember 'scratch it, dont hatch it"

Guy no. 2 - "yeah for sure - lego high five me"
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