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Another way of saying "Fuck you". It is how you type it into a phone's number pad.
You watched Kick-Ass dude? How come you didn't tell me? 382-5968!
by KeatonXZX April 21, 2010

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An album by the oh-so talented band Flobots. It is a reference to finding your qualities that are located within you and using them to build a new America.
I just bought Fight With Tools today, and you were right. Best album ever!
by KeatonXZX May 13, 2009

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The thing you see when the show Jackass comes on, formed by the "TV-MA" sign and the red "WARNING" sign.
I just realized, the warning sign looks like Maarning.
by KeatonXZX May 08, 2009

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The oily residue found on a pumpkin pie when it is left uneaten for too long.
I was looking forward to eating the pie, but there was pumpkinile on it.
by KeatonXZX January 21, 2009

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