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Simon balle school is located in Hertford Hertfordshire uk everyone that goes to the school thinks they are the best and over every other school in the area just because they have iPads and have more money, they also have two different colour jumpers for the different key stages but they don’t particularly care about the 6th form, the teachers don’t really care if you turn up or not and it’s very easy to sneak out. The toilet are known for being rank and they always reek and smell worse than dead fish.
Persons 1: oh look there’s someone that goes to Simon balle school
Person 2: *cringes* he’s so privileged with his iPad
by Kawii ranger girls May 07, 2019

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An adjective that starts with the letter B when you can’t think of anything this else, also I must be used to describe something brown or bubbly
Person 1: how would you describe this?
Person2: big blimey brown butter bubble Blockbike
by Kawii ranger girls June 17, 2019

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