3 definitions by Kathy Aumont

The place God sends people who want for nothing and are still cruel. Not to be confused with the Last as in the last shall be first. No, they want for nothing and care for nothing and that is what they are and what they will get. Jesus is tired when he gets to them and says, "some other time".
The end-of-the-line is behind The Last. See that definition. The people who in the last days had it all and wouldn't share. The-end-of-the-line is for mean people. That is where they will go, to the end of the line.
by Kathy Aumont July 30, 2004
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I would be happy to send you a free eval to play with, to see if you like it before you buy it.
by Kathy Aumont July 23, 2004
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The broken and broken hearted, tired, scared, hurt and fearful. The lonely and beaten, the sick and beaten up and the beaten down. The passion of Christ who have captured His heart, focus, will and determination to bring them all the home. Home to his throne. That is their destination.
The Last will be scooped up by Jesus and carried in those precious arms to sit in His throne at the right hand of God. God will joyfully and lovingly smile at them sitting their in that special chair while Jesus worships Him with dancing, praise and singing until all the pain, sadness and fear is not even a memory.
by Kathy Aumont July 30, 2004
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