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Rose City Till I Die means that you support Rose City sporting clubs, specifically the Portland Timbers. Despite the fact that our team is honestly rubbish and performs poorly against Seattle in nearly every competition, we Rose City dwellers will never cease in our support of the Timbers (or of any of our teams for that matter)! GO TIMBERS!!! It is also worth mentioning that most who declare RCTID also voted for hillary clinton --- so no matter how little your IQ is, you are welcome to join us Timbers fans!
Timbers fan: RCTID!!!
Sounders fan: Do those letters mean something?
Timbers fan: Yeah, it means we generally hate people based on where they live --- Seattle-ites are retarded!
Sounders fan: That hurts my feelings...
Timbers fan: Hahaha! Also we should be able to protest whenever your tribes hunt whales!!!
by Kasey Keller May 12, 2011

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