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Beautiful and talented musician and spirit who was the lead of T. Rex (previously Tyrannosaurus Rex which was acoustic, and prior John's Children). Some of his best-known songs include: "Get It On (Bang a Gong)"; "20th Century Boy"; "Jeepster"; "Metal Guru"; "Cosmic Dancer"; "Hot Love"; "Children of the Revolution"; "Telegram Sam"; "The Slider"; and many others. He starred in a film (produced by Ringo Starr) called "Born to Boogie."
He was born in East London in 1947, and died in London almost exactly 30 years later. He was the passenger in a purple Mini driven by his girlfriend (and mother of his child, Rolan). The car went out of control and crashed into a sycamore tree. There is a shrine dedicated to him at the site.
He was an influence to many others and is considered the prototype Glam Rocker, though this moniker doesn't do him justice.
Marc Bolan is likened to an Elfin Prince because of his diminutive stature and etheric boyish good looks.

Marc Bolan and T. Rex's music, though 30 years and more old, still rocks and is radio-played and used in many films.

"Metal Guru" topped the chart in 1972, blocking Elton John's "Rocket Man."

Robert Palmer and Power Station covered Marc Bolan and T. Rex's song "Get it On," which was released in the USA as "Bang A Gong."

"Keep a little Marc in your heart."
by Karen E July 2, 2007
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Mick Ronson (born Michael Ronson in Yorkshire, England, UK) was an awesome guitarist. He may be most famous for being the lead guitarist of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (David Bowie's band in the early 1970's). He performed with Bowie later in his career as well. Mick produced _Transformer_ (Lou Reed) and played piano and guitar on some of it). He had a solo career for a long time and played with people like Mott the Hoople, Lou Reed, and Bob Dylan. Mick Ronson died in 1993 from liver cancer.
Mick Ronson was a fabulous guitarist! I loved his "Moonage Daydream" solo on Spiders from Mars tour.

Hey, check out the official Mick Ronson site at www.mickronson.com
by Karen E August 14, 2008
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WC is the first hamburger chain ever opened (1921 in Ohio). Burgers were 5 cents at the time. The building was designed to show strength and purity.
WC is located in 10 different states (MI, OH, IL, IN, NY, KY, TN, MO, MN). It is NOT the same as Krystal burger.
Cooked on a cushion of steaming onions, the little square burgers (with five holes for the steam go through so the burgers never have to be turned) are served up on little soft buns with pickle chips and mustard. If you order them "with everything," you get ketchup, too. You can order cheeseburgers and other miscellanea as well. The catch-phrase, "It's What You Crave," is apropos, as any Castle fan knows, they are addictive. It's the place you go to when you get kicked out of your wedding hall at 2 am, bars close, or you just need that taste.
They are easy to find in bad neighborhoods, you have to look a bit in the burbs (bad neighborhoods serve 'em up faster).
They can be sent packed in dry ice to other parts of the country, or you can find them in the freezer section. But, nothing beats them hot and fresh.
They used to be called sliders or gut bombs, but now they are trademarked as Slyders.
They are often purchased by the sack (10) or the case (30). After drinking too much, they are consumed in "time trials," to see the top speed for consuming a sack of 10.
When I visit Detroit, the first stop from the airport is the White Castle on Livernois and Warren Ave. Don't bring the good car.

"Yeah, lemme have 20 Castles with everything, two cokes, a shake, and onion chips."

by Karen E July 3, 2007
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When you ride the tube (The Underground) by standing in the aisle and and balancing without holding on for the purpose of fun and laughs and enhancing your skills.
Ai! It was a brilliant ride (Tube surfing) today! I picked up at Hammersmith and for an extra challenge rode eyes closed listening to The Futureheads on my iPod.

by Karen E September 9, 2008
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