18 definition by Kamikaze Watermelon

(verb) A double slang term of lol, however adding some emphasis on it, lolz is actually a sign that instead of lazily typing lol that the person genuinely finds your comment funny.

An Internet Slang root; lol
Random1: i hate that new kid he is such an ass-wipe
Random2: i kno hes such an ass wipe that even toilet paper has him hanging on the wall
Random1: lolz
by Kamikaze Watermelon October 09, 2008

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short for antibiotics
"im really sick"
"how sick? sick enough 2 get off school"
"yeah im on ab"
by Kamikaze Watermelon January 20, 2009

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abbreviation for "i don't remember"
Kamikaze Honeydew: HAOUfherogu 038 aytvdbo35
Kamikaze Watermelon: idu
by Kamikaze Watermelon February 24, 2009

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