3 definitions by K10

A pair of heads and torsos, fighting each other with pillows. Nuggetness may be achieved by hiding all available limbs inside a sweatshirt. Fighting can occur once pillows are gripped by the teeth, and swung violently. Vocalizations of sounds, such as "dee dee dee" and "yayyyyyyyyyyy" add to the fun.
Marisa: yo how bout some nugget fighting?
kristen: deee dee deeee
by K10 January 26, 2006
Someone who brings drugs and/or alcohol to the party.
I'm about to fuck up the party !
by K10 February 12, 2016
as in me, or insted of sayin yes
i iz goin 2 blow som mutha fukas up

yo geeza u comin, i in 2 secs
by K10 January 19, 2006