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There are seven stages of drinking which are:
1. Sober Stage - no alcohol, no buzz, no fun.
2. Drinking Stage - when you first start to consume alcohol, little to no buzz, starting to have fun.
3. Party Stage - the ideal stage of drinking, at this point you feel a good buzz, have lots of fun, and still retain most of your motor functions and speech skills.
4. Drunk Stage - A couple drinks after the party stage where you either start to get beligerant, or you start to want to not move out of your chair, you are no longer buzzed you are just plain drunk, there can still be fun to be had this point, but the fun starts to turn bad.
5. Puke Stage - A few drinks after the drunk stage, where your body feels the need to purge the alcohol you pumped into it, this is almost always not fun unless your buddies are there cheering you on.
6. Pass Out Stage - When you've consumed so much alcohol you can no longer do anything but sleep. This stage is not for the person passing out, but can often lead to many strange and hilarious jokes being played on such person. People have been known to skip stage 5 and go straight to this stage, others have gone through stage 5 during this stage resulting in stage 7.
7. Death Stage - when you drink so much you get alcohol poisoning and die, or you pass out and choke on your own vomit.
Damn Garth you been through 6 of the 7 stages of drinking
by K-D-O-double G July 12, 2006
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