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A word to describe any race that is passed down from an Immigrant to an Born Citizen in one Country.
Liberian Americans are a Descendant of Liberians that were born in the Republic of Liberia.
by Jyuzayeguuwaah Summer October 07, 2009

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It's another way of say "Yo, I ain't Gay".
Boy: I like that dude. He can rap good.

Boy 2: Ewww yo!

Boy: Close Your Thought yo.
by Jyuzayeguuwaah Summer October 07, 2009

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It means being stuck in your ways. Even passed the legal age where you're allowed to Smoke, Drink, Drive and call 1-800-Sex-Lines.
Boy (at age 25): Yo, you want to come over and play Nintendo with me.

Girl (at age 17): Sure, .... hold up, (perplexed) how old are you again?

Boy (at age 25): 25 going on 26?

Girl (at age 17): God Damn you got a Arrested Development. Why should I go out with a grown man when he hasn't grown out of Nintendo? You crazy as hell yo. I'm leaving.

Boy (at age 25): But I'm playing with my brother.

Girl (at age 17): At your Mama's house that you HAVEN'T MOVED OUT OF YET?

Boy (at age 25): But don't you like playing with him too.

Girl (at age 17): Yeah but ...

Boy (at age 25): (Interrupts her) Alright, then.

Girl (at age 17): It ain't gonna be alright when your brother says "Why you still playing Games at this age". I'm breaking up with you Vaahsiyance. (Hangs up)

Boy (at age 25): Jueehsa, wait. FUCK!! (Throws the phone)

Girl (at age 17): That nigga is a dork yo. He still plays Nintendo? I'm surprised I didn't see him walking down the street with a Power Ranger toy in his hand. (Laughing Her Butt Off)
by Jyuzayeguuwaah Summer October 08, 2009

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