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Teenage Dirtbag.
+Often one who lives in filth, but one whose personal hygenic levels are acceptable.

+Often "Geeky", "Nerdy", "Losery" and sometimes Distant.

+Usually Reserved/Mysterious.

+Best friend tends to be a computer.

+Skin is pale because Most of spare time is spent inside, away from the sun.

+Has own style of clothing or takes bits and pieces from other stereotypes (i.e. punk, metalhead, goth, ect.)

+Likes Alternative music, but mostly metal.

+Has an "I Don't Give a Flying Fuck About What You Think of Me" Attitude

+Placid unless provoked.

+Often said to be a "Disturbed Geek"
Prepy Skank: "You are suck a Teenage Dirtbag. Where are all your friends? Oh Wait i forgot. You don't have any. Oh My God! Your shoes don't even match!"
Dirtbag: "Does it look like i care?"
by Justin Sane July 10, 2004

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to push one's breasts close together in order to make them appear larger and to accentuate the cleavage
After Megan snawed her tits looked three times the size!
by Justin Sane January 05, 2003

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1. Greatly pleasing to the tastes

2. A player in the online 2d spaceship game, Continuum; Real name: Brad Williams; Notorious for being banned (and evading bans) for repeatedly cheating and offending staff in the zone, SSCU Trench Wars; One-time TWLB Champion as "rushed" on the squad Light; has also led several Subspace squads, most notably Task, Drastic, Divine, and Value
My taste buds enjoyed the delectable sandwich.

Delectable (3) was killed by: Mattey
by Justin Sane July 27, 2004

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Bodacious Bovine Wilderbeast - Origin unknown - Attempt by calorically challenged women to describe themselves in a flattering manner as if we don't know that it really means superchunky. So were at the BBM's?
Generally used in personal ads as in:
Sparkling personality, witty, creative BBW seeks Hottie with trust fund
by Justin Sane April 07, 2005

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